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Bina is a digital platform, it provides a faster and easier means for people to get work and materials in the construction industry in Iraq. It provides greater insight into the opportunities for work and construction materials that are available and improves the link between the workers/buyer and businesses alike. Simply, making it easier for workers and hiring companies to find each other easier on a digital platform. Workers, as well as companies, can share their recent work and receive feedback from their customers to improve the quality and expectations on both sides. 

Bina App will open an opportunity for skilled workers as well as companies to find the required skills and link them together through the digital platform.

all the clients and professionals can have their own profile that includes their profession and photos of their recent work. With the reference, feedback, and rating system, customers will have more information to choose who to work with.


Bina App's Users

1. Professionals: Includes people who are working in the construction field

  • Skilled Workers
  • Workers
  • Engineers
  • Contractors
  • Construction Companies
  • Factories
  • Material Suppliers
  • Engineering Bureaus

2. Clients: Includes people who are not working in the construction field but need professionals to construct or renovate their project.

Benefits Include:

  • Helping skilled workers find work.
  • Helping engineers find work opportunities and skilled workers
  • Increasing the quality of construction work through customer’s feedback and rating.
  • Improving safety in the construction field.
  • Showing customers the market price

Why Bina?

  •  Easy user interface (UI).
  •  No commission on works.
  •  Shared feedback and rating system.
  •  Information to determine the market price to promote more returning users.
  • The professionals can easily find each other easily digitally.
  • the clients can find the professionals easily.
  • Shared price of materials/workmanship and its specifications.
  • Buyers and sellers in the construction field can find each other easily